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Antwerp Salsa Festival

November 27, 2021

November 27, 2021 @Boechout

The Antwerp Salsa Festival, a new small-scale salsa festival, wants all salsa lovers to enjoy the best salsa artists!

This for Salsa On1, On2 and Cuban salsa. Each style gets its own room for workshops during the day. As a dancer you can draw up your own workshop schedule and follow the lessons that appeal to you the most.

In the evening there is a Salsa Party with DJs in our three rooms: LA / Mambo, Bachata & Cuban!

A mini festival where you get the most out of it!

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Compose your own Salsa experience! With its three different rooms, The Antwerp Salsa Festival allows all Salsa Lovers to create their own personal workshop schedule. Pick your favorite style for each workshop, or try something completely new. Mix and match the way you want.

Each workshop takes about an hour. During your ticket reservation, you can choose to order 3 or 5 workshops. After completing the reservation, you receive an email to enlist for the workshops of your preference. All workshops have a maximum capacity, so it is not possible to give guarantees in advance.

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Workshop schedule:
StartRoom 1 - Salsa LA On1Room 2 - Salsa On2Room 3 - Salsa Cubana
10:00Ladystyling CecileShines TalalMusicality Terry
11:15Partnerwork MarioPartnerwork TerrySalsa fusion Ehrind
13:00Partnerwork TalalPartnerwork MarioPartnerwork Terry
14:15Partnerwork TerryStyling EdytaSalsa Cubana
15:00Partnerwork MarioPartnerwork TalalSalsa Fun with Arawi


Photo Talal & Edyta

Talal & Edyta

Talal & Edyta created their own unique dance style and teach salsa both on "1" and on "2", and are known for their effective way in which they teach the technique of leading and following.

Their individual abilities and experience join to create extraordinary mixture. They appreciate versatility. Looking at their dancing you can notice influence of many other styles... which makes their strength.

The most important for them is joy given by dance, and they try to share it with all people around. Always positive, always with a smile they encourage you to dance your feet off wherever you are, at their workshop or on the dance floor!

Photo Super Mario

Super Mario

For many years now, Super Mario has been a household name on the international salsa scene, recognized and respected by students and fellow professionals for his amazing lead, unlimited database of fantastic moves/combinations and his teaching ability.

His classes and workshops have always been extremely popular. Mario specializes in cross body style, dancing on1 or 2 and focusing mainly on moves and combinations, with special emphasis on leading techniques.

Photo Terry & Cecile

Terry & Cecile

Terry & Cecile offer you the full package: they are lovely people, versatile social dancers, awesome performers and great instructors - all this might be the reason why they are fully booked all year long.

They became one of the most requested teams in our community over the past few years. They are both super creative, not only on stage but more importantly in the Social Dancing. They stand for crazy and challenging combinations combined with a nice and easy styling for the ladies.

Photo Erind El Cacique

Erind El Cacique

Erind el Cacique is the artistic director of Dance and Flow. He started dancing ballet and modern and playing the classic guitar in 1996 and from that moment music and dance have always been his life passion.

He has been teaching in a number of different countries such as Italy, US, UK, France, Belgium Netherlands, Australia etc. and he has been performing in a number of congresses all over the world.


After completing the last afternoon workshop, the lessons and teachers make way for a large buffet of various delicious meals. Food and drinks are accompanied by the smooth music of Artist Name.

Around 20:00 the atmosphere will change once again and the big party will start with DJ Name. Get ready to enjoy the southern music vibes and party all night long.

We provide 3 dancerooms:
The Salsa LA room with dj Sebatian Bibrach (D.), Louis Van Esch (NL) and Emilio Morales. They bring you the best Mambo and LA sounds. The Cuban dancehall with Dj Pepe and El Patron. They will spin the best Cuban music for you. Last, but not least, our Bachata Room. On Friday 26 November we have our Welcome party with Dj Marc El Magico. So get ready to enjoy the music vibes and party all night longon our first Antwerp Salsa Festival.


The Antwerp Salsa Festival takes place in the fabulous Hof van Reyen in Boechout. This historic venue is just 20 minutes away from the Central Station in Antwerp.

What does this beautiful location have to offer?

  • Large parking in front of the room. Extra parking at 500m
  • 3 dance halls, LA / Mambo hall, Cuban hall and Bachata hall
  • Meeting room with opportunity to eat, drink, rest, meet, shoe stands and info desk.
  • Changing room and refreshment room after the workshops
  • Centrally located at 5km from Antwerp
  • Easily accessible via E313, E19 and Antwerp ring road
Navigate!Hof van Reyen


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